Posted by: adamharmer | October 12, 2008

Week two in Kenya and the rains arrive

After a relaxing second week in Kenya with very little real work, we took some clients to the river for some rafting although when we arrvied we discovered the river was truly high. All the rapids were chocolate milkshake brown.

I joined James Savage and Army James as a safety boater on a swollen Tana River and tried desperately hard to remember the lines on the continous rapids, Captains Folly ran straight into Can of Worms was deemed knarly. I ran Flexer (class 5) into a huge hole (Fisheye) with a good 10-12ft face and entry ramp.

The following rapids caused much humour and luckily no flips.  Spasm the last rapid was a big bouncy continous rock slide, with waves big enough to surf two rafts.

The afternoon we headed up country and explored the Rangati Slides but were unfortunately too low. We did however explore a new side creek of the Upper, Upper Tana. From the road above this gem looks to have

several bedrock slides and a deep canyon section, lets hope the last week brings rain and a possibly first descent


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