Posted by: adamharmer | October 21, 2008

Final week in Kenya

Adam contemplating the Rugati slides

Adam contemplating the Rugati slidesMuddy feet, inspecting rivers during the short rains

Wow its gone fast but the end of this friday see’s me done with the five weeks in Kenya. After fininshing with the Army work I got a quick go on the stick (a chance to guide a raft again) and take some clients down the Tana on Saturday morning

Colin left for the UK yesterday and today James and I have been making final preparations for our trip into the mountains. With plenty of rain falling on Mount Kenya, it looks like were gonna have great levels for a few sneaky first descents. A small team of us have been pouring over maps and checking levels and egress/access points over the past few weeks and all is set now for a few days left to explore before I board my plane on Saturday all being well



  1. Can’t wait to see rest of pics at Christmas!

    Luv ya tuns, Mum x

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