Posted by: adamharmer | October 2, 2008

New Boats lauched at Pyranha Fest 2008

What a weekend, and what awesome weather Pyranha chose for the new Pyranha Fest at Canolfan Tryweryn.

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September saw Pyranha Mouldings hold its position as the UK’s leading kayak manufacturer with a wicked display of boating, design and general prowess. Unfortunately I could only make the Saturday due to other reasons (more will follow), But what a day it was.

The morning was devoted to a wicked and weird array of coaching workshops, ( of which I was heading up the Accuracy session with fellow Team Pyranha paddlers, Chris Milbank). The session I held seemed to work well and gave excellent results to the students, all acheiving good control on their boats.

Later in the morning I got involved with the Pyranha X race, helping to judge and marshall the event. The event was won by a young adult, again in a Pyranha boat, although the event saw low numbers lets hope next year sees more involvement and many an antic.

Just before I left I had a quick look at the two new boats Pyranha launched at the event. After many years of playing Pyranha have gone back the boat of the decade and re-launched the I-zone, based on the hugely succesful Inazone, the boat seems to have a super fast hull and that ability to play the river just like all the old zones did so well.

The Karnali is the other boat launched at the Fest, a new boat from Pyranha. The Karnali has a displacement hull and huge amount of volume, aimed at the intermediate paddler, like the I-zone the boats come with connect30 outfitting and superb comfyiness.

The Karnali looks and sounds like it will be a super fast boat and will help many paddlers acheive new status in the abilities and the best bit is anyone buying one of the new boats will become entitled to FREE COACHING. Have a look at for more details.


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