Posted by: adamharmer | December 23, 2011

Below and Beyond Mount Kenya 2011 expedition

Some of you will remember back in 2009 I made a first descent of the Rio Concebidayoc with the Below and Beyond Macchu Picchu expedition, well the bug got us again and early this year I started to put plans in place to run an expedition to Kenya.

This trip was very successful with the completion of 6 first descents as well as signing off Uganda and Kenya’s first BCU 5 star holders. We also completed a WWSR and Adv WWSR course for the local river guides working for my friend James Savage at Savage Wilderness on the Tana River.

The first descents were remarkable and only touches the surface to the first descent potential in Kenya. If your interested in running a trip to Kenya please don’t hesitate to contact me via this site.

In the mean time I am editing a movie to  accompany our presentations of the expedition, again please feel free to contact  me if you would like to consider hosting one of these.

We have a blog attached to this expedition for further information please see



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